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Terms and Conditions-2


  1. Modernised Cleaning Services Award 2010.
  2. The Fair Work Act 2009.
  3. Commonwealth Cleaning Services Guidelines Current as at 1 July 2012



We are HomeGlitz, www.homeglitz.com.au, ABN 67 837 543 479, offering domestic cleaning services. We are providing our work and services in the Western Australia. We provide only domestic cleaning services and are not offering any of our services to Commercial/Government agencies. Any person or Business offering services which are outside of Domestic Cleaning Services do not belong to us nor will we be held answerable/responsible for his acts or damages caused to anyone.

Please read these terms and conditions before engaging with us as it will be construed that you have read all of the terms and conditions mentioned herein and will abide by those terms and conditions in their entirety and have no issue or denial thereof.

  • Subject to our engagement it is clear between both the parties that our contract will be for the domestic cleaning services only and any work which will be outside the scope of domestic cleaning services will not be performed by us.
  • HomeGlitz will offer its services at the time and address provided by our customer and will be responsible for finishing our work for that particular place only subject to the agreed sum of money. Extra charges will be awarded to our staff/us for any further work offered to us which will be at the place other than mentioned by the customer.
  • HomeGlitz will provide workers/cleaners, cleaning materials and equipment.
  •  HomeGlitz will strive hard to provide our services with the best of our abilities and in a professional way.
  • The customer will be responsible for the provision of the exact location and address of the premises for which he wants our cleaning services.
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to provide our workers/cleaners free access to the premises and provide a safe working environment which is free from and any hazards.
  • The customer will be responsible for the provision of free access of the premises, water, and electricity for cleaning work unless otherwise agreed between HomeGlitz and the customers and extra charges have been agreed between the both.
  • HomeGlitz will provide cleaning material and equipment. However, if the customer insists upon the supply of cleaning materials/equipment then cleaning materials and equipment should be in working order and should not be hazardous.  Moreover, in that case, HomeGlitz will not be responsible for the results of those cleaning materials/equipment.
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to move heavy/bulky items (Like Bookshelves, Stands, and Sofas, etc.) outside the premises for which the customer wants cleaning.
  • The customer will move delicately any fragile, breakable and precious things (like showpieces, drawings, sculptures, and paintings, etc.) prior to the start of cleaning work. HomeGlitz will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused to such items during the cleaning of the home.

In furtherance of the previous terms and conditions it will also be the responsibility of the customer to and he will be agreed to the following conditions:

  • Provide HomeGlitz or any of its authorized agents to take a safety measurement tour of the premises which is intended by the customer to be cleaned. If any injury is caused to any of the worker/cleaner due to the fact/danger/hazard which was not disclosed to the HomeGLitz or its agent will lead to the payment of damages and appropriate Legal Remedies.
  • That in case any chemical or cleaning material which is provided by the customer which may pose a serious health condition or is dangerous to human health and safety the worker/cleaner may refuse to use such material. In that case such workers/cleaners will not be forced to use such material and will not be liable to any damages.
  • In case of longer working engagements or contracts the customer acknowledges that he will not engage with any other cleaning services provider without prior notice to HomeGlitz. If any customer does so he will be liable to damages as agreed upon between the parties.
  • The price of work will be calculated on the basis of measurement and counting of rooms and parts/stories of houses/buildings.
  • Any price quoted/tendered by HomeGlitz is based on previous estimates and work/professional experience which is available on HomeGlitz’s website. It is deemed that the customer has agreed to the price/quote tendered by HomeGlitz.
  • In case the cost of work has been increased during work the Contractor (HomeGlitz) will inform the customer about this fact and if the customer agrees to the increased rate of work, then work will be completed otherwise the customer will have no issue as to the completion of the work up to limit of the amount paid only.
  • Online Payment by Credit Card: The customer will tender his online payment link at the time of booking on the official website of HomeGlitz. Any delay in payment will make such customers liable for damages for each day and charges of debt collection and connected measures adopted by HomeGlitz.
  • HomeGlitz will be responsible to provide a payment receipt regarding the payment.
  • All the payments agreed upon between the parties shall be deemed to be calculated after deduction of taxes/GST if any applicable for such services.
  • Any payment receipt will be calculated after the deduction of the amount of tax applicable on such amount borne by the customer and an invoice to this regard will be issued to the HomeGlitz.
  • HomeGlitz shall strive hard for 100 percent client satisfaction and guarantee that nothing will be left on our part in order to provide quality services to our customers. However, if they’re still any complaint regarding our services the customer has to inform HomeGlitz within 3 business days, we guarantee that we will try our best to seek a resolution and if the customer is still not satisfied with our work, we can reimburse a certain sum of money/amount of the work as calculated after deduction of expenses.
  • We will offer reimbursement upon the timely complaint of our customer subject to the conditions that:
  1. No renovation, repair, shelving and construction work was performed in the premises after cleaning by HomeGlitz.
  2. HomeGlitz will not be responsible for any defect caused by natural calamity, strong winds or tornados.
  3. The premises remained vacant after the cleaning work performed by workers/cleaners of HomeGlitz.
  • In case of any suit brought by any of the contracting parties, the costs of suits will be borne by the party at fault including such damages as agreed between the parties at the time of initiation of a contract.
  • The HomeGlitz will not be responsible for any of the following conditions:
  1. For any defect or loss caused to the customer the fact of which was not mentioned to the workers/cleaners at the time of their entry in the house.
  2. Non completion of non-fulfillment of services contract which resulted due to negligence of the customer.
  3. Any damage caused to the premises which resulted due to natural wear and tear but not due to the cleaning applied by the workers/cleaners.
  4. Any damage caused by the application or use of defective cleaning materials/equipment which were supplied by the customer himself.
  5. Any loss or damage to the walls, fabrics, curtains and sealings caused after the cleaning of dirt from them.
  • Customer further agrees that any loss which was not caused by negligence the workers/cleaners will not liable them to any damages.
  • Customer will inform HomeGlitz within 24 hours of the finish of work by its worker of any loss/theft/damage which was caused to his property and he is of the view that it was caused by some of our workers/cleaners. Otherwise HomeGlitz cannot be held liable to any suit or damages.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to move his jewelry, gold, antiques and other valuable items to a safe custody before the initiation of cleaning work. In loss of any of these items HomeGlitz will not be held liable.
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to make the arrangements for safe outflow of cleaning water/chemicals in sewage. Any damage caused due to the blockage of such water or chemicals in public was will not make HomeGlitz Liable for any damages.
  • The courts in Western Australia shall be the appropriate forums in case of any derogation from the conditions of this contract.
  • All the conditions and warranties made under these terms and conditions will be governed by the Trade Practices Act 1974, Competition and Consumer Act 2010(Cth), Electronic Transactions Act, and other applicable contract laws in Western Australia.
  • In case of any loss of time and work occasioned to HomeGlitz due to non-access to premises or willful neglect of customer will be indemnified by the customer.
  • In case of cancellation of contract by customer the token money if any paid by the customer will be retained by HomeGlitz and in case of non-payment of token money the customer will pay 5 percent of the contract price.
  • Either party to the contract may terminate the contract by 24 hours prior notice to the other and after the waiver of token money or 5percent of the contract price if it is terminated by the customer. If the contract is terminated by HomeGlitz it will return the token money as well.
  • Any changes to the contract will be made by the mutual consent of the parties and with the agreed terms and conditions as to additional fees or charges for changed terms and conditions. Any change made without the knowledge of the other party will not make the party left in ignorance.
  • All the information (Emails, Phone numbers, Debit Card numbers and addresses) received or came into the knowledge of HomeGlitz shall be kept in the server of the business.
  • The customer has the right to change or amend any of his particulars.
  • All the information received will be kept in safe custody and protected to ensure the privacy of the customers.
  • After every 6 months the previous information will be destroyed by HomeGlitz.
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